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Still using my T18 Westwood Tractor at 81 years old

Daphne Carden visited the Westwood factory in Oxfordshire en route from East Sussex to Herefordshire last November with a fantastic story to tell.

“Following the sudden death of my husband 16 years ago, I realised with some trepidation that I would need to learn to drive our Westwood T18 tractor mower. I have several acres of grass which I nickname the Nature Reserve as there is so much wildlife that everything we plant gets eaten. I needn’t have worried, I happily trundle through the long grass cutting and collecting with the result looking classy. My husband would be so proud of me! I’ve continued through these past years with my T18, with minimal maintenance required due to regular servicing.

“The large padded seat is great, now I’m 81 years old and mow over uneven terrain and holes/bumps from badgers and ground movement it is a god send! My friend Tony, who accompanied me today and who I’ve known for over 60 years+, he was a Westwood tractor engineer in the 1980s so the Westwood tractor brand has a special place in our hearts.

“My T18 keeps on going and is a superb product, well built, robust and delivers an excellent cut. A very worthy investment for any garden where there is a large lawn and/or diverse ground type as this machine is happy on most terrains. After so many years, it still drives like a dream and it’s a pleasure not a chore to cut my grass.

Thank you to the staff at the Oxfordshire Headquarters for showing me the factory, so I could see how these wonderful machines are made. I even got the opportunity to sit on a newer model to the one I have.”